LTCC’s 20th Anniversary

Today, when the long-term future of Little Tokyo is being impacted by a series of local government projects and private developments, the importance of LTCC’s work has never been greater.
— Irene Hirano & Bill Watanabe, LTCC Founders
Past & Present Board Members!

Past & Present Board Members!

Celebrating 20 years of LTCC

In 2019, LTCC is celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a year-long celebration to build awareness of the work of LTCC and key issues facing Little Tokyo. We invite you to join us in celebrating the work LTCC has done over the past two decades fighting for a strong and vibrant future for Little Tokyo by supporting our 20th Anniversary Campaign. Funds raised will support the work of LTCC and strengthen our efforts to advocate on behalf of Little Tokyo.


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Saturday, October 5th, 8–11:30pm

Nishi Hongwanji Kaikan, 815 East 1st Street

Join us for LTCC at our 20th Anniversary dance benefit: J-Town, Keepin' It Our Town. As Little Tokyo continues to undergo a number of changes and threats, LTCC is committed to fighting for the future of our historic community. To continue this work, we need your help and support! All proceeds from this dance will benefit the Little Tokyo Community Council.



Throughout 2019, LTCC is holding a 20th Anniversary Sponsorship Campaign with different opportunities to support LTCC and the work we do in historic Little Tokyo.