West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Transit Line

Metro has proposed a NEW rail line (separate from the existing Gold Line and under-construction Regional Connector) to possibly go through Little Tokyo. The West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) transit line would start in Southeast Los Angeles (Artesia), with the goal to end in Downtown Los Angeles. Metro has proposed 8 route alternatives for the northern alignment of this new rail line (the downtown Los Angeles section), and 6 out of 8 of these lines come through Little Tokyo. 

The original 4 route alternatives (Routes A-D) were found unacceptable by the Little Tokyo Community Council and the Little Tokyo community due to their harmful impacts to our historic neighborhood, and over 100 public comments were sent to Metro during their scoping period. In March 2018, Metro returned with 4 new route alternatives (Routes E-H), and the Metro Board will vote and determine which of these 8 routes will be carried forward for environmental review. More information about this line can be found at Metro's website.

Throughout April 2018, LTCC conducted a series of community outreach meetings with stakeholders on and east of Alameda, with business owners, and with the Little Tokyo community via our quarterly Community Forum. Recognizing that not everyone has had a chance to input and contribute their perspectives on what is best for Little Tokyo, we have created a survey and encourage all Little Tokyo stakeholders (businesses, residents, cultural and community organizations, religious institutions, and all those with a vested stake and interest in our historic neighborhood) to fill out the survey, and share with your networks. 

Metro West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Routes

To view all routes: 


The detailed street view maps for the original Northern Alignment Options (A-D) can be found here:


The detailed street view maps for the new Northern Alignment Concepts (E-H) can be found here: