1940 Map of Little Tokyo

Established in 1999, the Little Tokyo Community Council is the nonprofit community coalition of residents, businesses, and religious, cultural, and community organizations as well as other vested stakeholders in the Little Tokyo community. 


Our Mission

The Little Tokyo Community Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) with membership representing the business, residential, organizational, and religious stakeholders in Little Tokyo as well as other vested interests. LTCC advocates on behalf of the Little Tokyo community, and provides an inclusive space for a broad range of stakeholders where key community issues can be discussed and the community can speak forcefully with one voice to affect positive change for Little Tokyo.

what we do

As the coalition body in Little Tokyo, the Little Tokyo Community Council brings together the various community stakeholders to create a unified voice and vision. With that voice and vision, LTCC represents Little Tokyo, and provides the Little Tokyo perspective on issues impacting our neighborhood, city, and region. 

We do this work by engaging the Little Tokyo community and its various stakeholders - through outreach and meetings, as well as strengthening and renewing ties to old and new stakeholders both in Little Tokyo as well as those with interests in Little Tokyo. We use our community-based process to hear and uplift as many voices as possible, with the goal of creating a unified community position. LTCC also is a source of information, communications, and outreach on events, community issues, and projects related to Little Tokyo.

We are a body that:

  • Convenes
  • Advocates
  • Collaborates
  • Organizes
  • Coordinates
  • Uplifts community voices and concerns

What We've Achieved

  • Working with the community to stop the jail from being built in Little Tokyo.
  • Advocating and achieving for the Regional Connector to be fully underground. Also, obtaining marketing and business impact mitigations for the Little Tokyo neighborhood.
  • Establishing the Little Tokyo Community Design Overlay within the City of Los Angeles.
  • Ensuring that the Parker Center (former LAPD headquarters) is not preserved, but rather will be rebuilt in a way that enhances and strengthens the Little Tokyo neighborhood.
  • Negotiating & securing benefits for block stakeholders and the community from developers.