Little Tokyo is Home

First Street North (1950s) , Courtesy of Kendra Nitta - Kinso B. Ninomiya, Ninomiya Studio, Los Angeles

First Street North (1950s), Courtesy of Kendra Nitta - Kinso B. Ninomiya, Ninomiya Studio, Los Angeles

Our History

Little Tokyo is 1 of 3 remaining historic Japantowns left in the nation, over 130 years old, the 2nd oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles, and a CA Cultural District. Home to some of our nation’s most important Japanese American institutions, Little Tokyo has been dramatically reshaped by WWII Japanese American incarceration camps and decades of redevelopment and displacement. Yet Little Tokyo has and continues to be the cultural home for the Southern California Japanese American community and our historically multi-ethnic community!

Image: Scott Oshima

Image: Scott Oshima

Our Fight for Future Generations

As Little Tokyo and the areas around it continue to change, LTCC is committed to maintaining our historic and cultural roots, strengthening our vibrant cultural district, protecting our legacy small businesses, and advocating for our residents. We are continuing decades of community organizing to sustain Little Tokyo for future generations.

Visit Our Historic Japantown

Go Little Tokyo

A one-stop shop for the Little Tokyo events calendar, self-guided tours, parking, directions, and more! Go Little Tokyo is LTCC's community marketing campaign, funded by Metro and executed by CARS, and a marketing initiative to mitigate construction impacts from the Metro Regional Connector.


Koban / Little Tokyo Visitor Center

For all tourist and visitor inquiries, we invite you to contact the Koban / Little Tokyo Visitor Center, operated by the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association. Maps and information about Little Tokyo are available during regular business hours.

307 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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